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Home Security
Countryside View

Security Systems for Rural Homes

Covering a wide range of crimes including theft of machinery, vehicles, heating oil, metal, diesel, and pesticides. Thieves are known to target high-value agricultural equipment and many top-of-the-range stolen vehicles are also stolen to order.

Rural crime is not limited to farm crime. It can involve crimes against property, crimes of violence, domestic violence, child abuse, trafficking and hate crimes. These all take place in rural communities.

Serious and organised crime groups are often linked to rural, heritage and wildlife crime particularly in relation to theft of agricultural machinery, hare-coursing, and cannabis cultivation.

CCTV & Signage

There are a wide range of CCTV cameras that are able to work just as well in rural areas where the signal is weaker than in towns and cities. Modern set-ups allow connectivity to mobile phone apps, allowing you to check on your property remotely,

Intruder alarms

An Intruder alarm is an effective way of deterring and catching intruders for any home. For rural homes where the sound of the alarm may not be heard because nearby properties are further away its worth considering having a monitored alarm system with added police response for when you are away from home for a long period of time.

Trackers on any vehicles

Vehicle tracking systems as the name suggests provides the ability to track when and where vehicles were last active as well as real-time tracking when travelling. Used commonly in companies who have large fleets of vans and lorry’s (I.E – Delivery couriers) it could also be a cost-effective way of making sure vehicles on your land especially agricultural vehicles can always be located. Some high spec trackers are able to alert to suspicious behaviours but even a lower range model would help locate your vehicle should it be taken from the property.

Log plant and equipment serial numbers – Property marking

Marking your property is an extremely effective method of deterring thieves from stealing your property. If your property is clearly identified, it will be more difficult for the thief to sell and often reduces the value to the thief. Marking your property also increases the chances of having it returned to you in the event of it being lost or stolen.

Security lighting

Flooding areas with light means that intruders do not have the benefit of darkness to conceal their activities, External security lighting is generally advised to be a secondary deterrent, on its own it has little effectiveness on keeping properties secure especially if you’re not home to notice the lights have come on. However, lighting can provide aid to CCTV cameras in dark areas and security lights can also come on when an intruder alarm is activated.


Enclosing your property with fencing or hedgerow is an effective way of creating a barrier and restricting access. Reducing the number of entranceways to your property minimises the chances not only of multiple points of entry but also exit points providing a higher chance a burglar maybe caught.

Security gates

By having a singular gate to access your property surrounded by shrubbery, you ensure that any visitors, wanted or not, have to go through the access point. Therefore, you can then focus efforts on monitoring that point, perhaps with cameras or sensors, so you are alerted to each entrance.

Basic tips

  • Consider appropriate good quality locks, bolts and bars on doors and windows.
  • Always secure your home, close and lock windows, and doors – even if you are only going out for a short time.
  • Don’t hide spare keys outside.
  • Don’t leave ladders or other climbing aids lying around outside.
  • Ensure windows, skylights and vents are protected from the burglar.
  • Work together with houses that are nearby (if this is applicable).

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