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The Foundation of a Great Security System is Access Control.

Security starts with knowing who is coming in and out of the building. Modern door entry systems give you the flexibility to manage your building efficiently while still being practical and convenient for the users.

A complete door entry system is a combination of hardware, which can include a simple keypad, an intercom or full video system including cctv and access control software for monitoring and managing.

Access Control systems are a highly efficient way to manage not only who enters your premises, but when and where. Solent Fire and Security can offer expert advice on how to secure your building and design the appropriate system for you. Get started today by calling 01329 221122.


Computer showing access control software including door entry system
To understand your access control needs we'll complete a door entry systems survey.

Effective Security Starts With a Strategic Plan.

The key to successful design, install and implementation of your access control system starts with us and our understanding of your needs. 

Your security system is an investment for your business that does more than protect the building and your employees or residents. The system you choose should also contribute to efficiency and confidence. It is part of the image that is presented to visitors and should enhance your brand.

Your journey with Solent Fire and Security starts with a fully documented security risk assessment of your premises.

We want to understand the level of security required to meet your needs, how the system will be managed and by whom. We will then make detailed recommendations for the best door entry systems and access control solutions for your needs.


Which Door Entry System is Right For Your Business?

Organisations of all sizes benefit from dependable, innovative access management systems. From the entry level keypad systems to modern smart solutions, our sole purpose is to help you find the best safety and security systems for your business.

Methods of Access Control for door entry systems include:

  • Swipe Cards
  • Video Door Entry
  • Biometric Access
  • Proximity Readers
  • Intercom Systems

There are several factors that will determine the method that’s right for you. Number of users, level of monitoring, budget and flexibility. We’ll explore these options with you and ensure that you choose the right system, not just for today, but with flexibility to grow as your bsuiness changes.

Door entry systems for businesses

Which Businesses Benefit From a Door Entry System?

Almost all businesses benefit from security control at some level and a door entry system is the first step. Although front door control may not make sense for a retail business, it may still benefit from an entry system and CCTV at the back door. While a shop owner is busy in the store, the rear entrance remains vulnerable.

Other businesses that we regularly work with are offices, schools, property letting, hospitality, medical facilities and of course, a wide range of industrial premises.

We manage the safety and security for businesses of all sizes from single site cafes and shops to multi location national businesses. No matter how simple or complex your needs, we’ll make it easy for you to navigate your options and make the right choice.

Part of our service is to conduct a full risk assessment and make recommendations for your individual requirements.

Door Entry Systems for Retail Premises.

The security needs of retail premises are quite diverse. They depend on when the shop is open, how many staff are on site, where it is located along with other factors such as value of stock and the type of product. 

While the shop door is usually open during business hours, a front door entry system may be useful for the staff to gain access and connect to an intruder alarm at night. Of course some shops such as jewellery stores, bridal shops, pawn brokers and some beauticians may only allow entry on invitation.

While the shop front is manned, the back door can be vulnerable. It is more likely to be left open if the security relies on keys. An automated system reduces risk from opportunistic crime.

No matter the size of your retail premises, contact us today to arrange a free evaluation.

Door entry systems for retail premises include video entry and cctv

Intercom Systems.

Audio Only.

Audio only is an entry level type of system. It works simply. A buzzer is pressed to gain attention. The person manning the station, will answer and conduct a conversation before granting entry. 

This is a low cost solution that is simple to install and maintain. The downside is the need for a person to be present at all times.

Video Entry.

Video entry works in the same simple way as audio except for that extra layer of visual verification. Lighting also must be considered for video door entry systems not just for night time callers but also for sun glare on the camera during the day.

As with audio, video door entry relies on a person being available to respond to callers.

Keypad Entry.

Keypad entry is one of the most common forms of intercom. Entry is gained via a pin code which may be individual or shared. In it’s simplest form, the correct code unlocks the door in the same way as a key would. Alternatively, it can be linked to an electronic access system that verifies the code before opening the door. 

Swipe Card Access.

A plastic card is swiped through a reader and checked against access rights. Access rights can also be printed on the card in order to identify the user at a glance.

These cards sometimes double as an identity cards and worn as a badge or on a lanyard, offer immediate visual recognition of a person that belongs in the building. One of the unseen benefits of this type of system is the pride taken by the people wearing them and the solidarity of the members of this exclusive group.

Keyfob Access.

A keyfob is small enough to be carried in a pocket or attached to a belt or bag. In some respects this carries the same problem as a key as it can be lost and is more expensive to replace than a key. Keyfobs are often used where access is needed by many people but integration with other systems may not be necessary. These door entry systems are often used in blocks of flats where residents need to enter and leave as they wish but there is no need to monitor the activity.

Biometric Systems.

The latest generation of security systems  use the most secure of identification systems in the form of physical attributes. Fingerprints, face recognition and iris scanning offers the most accurate identity verification.  A human being is perfectly and naturally designed for unique identification markers that cannot be forged.

These modes of identification are often paired with other methods for increased security. 

Access Control Integration

The integration of your door entry system with software for access control management delivers a powerful and comprehensive solution to your security and safety concerns.

Combined with CCTV it is an effective tool for locating unwanted visitors, which could be vital in an emergency situation. Integrated with Facial Recognition, you can successfully deny access to unauthorised vehicles and individuals.

From a safety perspective it could even be a life saver, working with a Fire Alarm system to unlock doors and monitor safe evacuation from the building. You may also wish to explore integration with your Building Management system, to gain greater efficiencies in heating and lighting.

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How an Access Control System can
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Prevent unauthorised vehicles and individuals from gaining entry.

Grant and control access rights for employees easily and efficiently.

Identify threats quickly before they escalate.

Simple integration with other software and systems.

Save money by integrating with other systems to save on utility bills.

Enhanced brand positivity and confidence from employees and clients.

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