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Feel Safe in Your Home.

It’s important to know that the fire alarm installers that you trust to protect your family and home is trustworthy and has the expertise to understand your concerns and translate them into an effective solution. 

Solent Fire and Security strive to exceed expected standards but don’t take our word for it. We back this up by submitting to rigorous checks by appropriate trade bodies. The NSI hallmark is the most widely recognised mark of approval in security and fire safety. Ensure that whoever you choose as your fire alarm installer, is accredited with the NSI.

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When you choose Solent Fire and Security as your fire alarm installers, you know you've done your best to protect your family.

Domestic fire is a concern for all homeowners. Your family’s safety is obviously your highest priority, but there is the added threat of damage to your property.

A household fire can be devastating, destroying treasured possessions, and creating thousands of pounds worth of damage. Allow Solent Fire and Security to safeguard your home against fire and rest a little easier. Most houses are equipped with basic fire detectors, but when it comes to the safety of your family there should be no compromise. A professionally installed, sophisticated fire alarm system offers the most reliable protection, alerting you to the first signs of smoke, fire or gas, giving you the best chance of a safe evacuation.

Tailored solutions from experienced fire alarm installers - Solent Fire and Security

Why Do You Need a Fire Alarm?

Unfortunately, a fire alarm is one of those items that you don’t know you need until it’s too late. The number of fatalities from fires is small in relation to the population. When it happens, it is devastating. No amount of insurance can compensate for precious irreplaceable possessions and it certainly cannot make up for damage to life or limb.

If you own a high value home and valuable possessions, your insurance premiums could be reduced significantly if you install and maintain a comprehensive fire and security system.

The biggest benefit of installing a fire alarm is the peace of mind. Being able to go to bed and sleep soundly knowing that you would be alerted at the first sign of fire is priceless.  

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Tailored Fire Alarm Solutions.

Depending on the size and layout of your property there are countless configurations, using single detectors or a group of linked detectors. There is the option of sprinklers, and even smart devices that will contact the fire brigade automatically, so you don’t have to.

Life Safety is all That Matters.

Whether you require a simple fire alarm that works alone or a highly technical, integrated life safety system, our highly trained technicians will install your solution expertly with minimum disruption.

Our end-to-end service begins with one of our professional fire safety experts conducting a risk assessment of your home taking into account, exit routes, obstacles and any potential barriers to noise. From there, they will recommend a fire protection solution appropriate for your property. Our engineers are highly professional and will install your system efficiently and with minimum disturbance, usually in just one day if its wireless.

Independent Fire Alarm Installers.

Solent Fire and Security is completely independent, so you can be confident in our reliable recommendations and fair prices. Our service doesn’t end with installation, we can provide ongoing support and maintenance to ensure your fire protection system continues to safeguard your property, possessions and family.

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Should You Install a Fire Alarm Yourself?

There are DIY fire alarm systems on the market that you can install yourself. The most common type of alarm is a smoke detector. We do not supply these except as part of a complete safety system. You can buy them easily at DIY stores.

Most responsible home owners will, at the the very least, have smoke detectors in the hall ways. They can be a nuisance as smoke from frying food can set them off. Smoke detectors are not suitable for kitchens and bathrooms as they are likely to be set off in normal smoke and steam. Heat detectors are better for these rooms.

DIY smoke alarms are better than nothing but be sure to check them regularly. For homes with extensive grounds, contact us for a free no obligation assessment and quotation.


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Types of Fire Alarms.

The average home usually has only smoke or heat detectors. This is because the occupants are usually no more than one room away from where the fire starts and a smoke alarm plus a loud shout from one person is enough to alert the rest of the household.

Larger homes spread over a wide area that may have out buildings also, could suffer massive damage before anyone is aware. The more a fire takes hold, the harder it will be to put out.

Larger homes and estates, apartment blocks and residential homes such as care homes, would use an alarm system similar to that used in commercial premises.

There are three main types of fire alarm.

Conventional fire alarm. Ask your fire alarm installer about types of fire alarm.
Conventional Fire Alarm.

The conventional fire alarm can be used with premises that are divided into broad zones. The fire alarm panel will identify the zone in the event of an alert but not the precise area.

Although this is helpful in quickly identifying the area of the fire, it does not pinpoint exactly where it is. For example, the light could indicate that there is a fire in the stable block but not which stable. 

It may be clear as the fire safety officer approached the building but if you wanted to know exactly which stable the fire was detected in first, you would need an addressable fire alarm.

The conventional fire alarm is most suitable for smaller premises or low risk areas.

Addressable Fire Alarm.

An addressable fire alarm has a unique address code for each alarm. Where the conventional alarm may have several alarms, they all have the same electronic address which is why you can only identify the zone.

The addressable fire alarm allow you to pinpoint in an instant where a fire has first started enabling fire safety officers to get to the problem without delay.

This type of system would be suitable for higher risk or larger environments. Typically, these would be large houses where you may want to identify which bedroom the fire has started in and in apartment blocks. Schools, care homes and hospitals would certainly need an addressable fire alarm.

Addressable fire alarm installation. Ask your fire alarm installer about types of fire alarm.
Wireless fire alarm installation. Ask your fire alarm installer about types of fire alarm.
Wireless Fire Alarm.

A wireless alarm installation works in the same way as an addressable alarm but without the wires. it’s particularly suitable for buildings where the wires cannot be hidden and would spoil the aesthetics if the wires were on show. This is often the case with churches and building of historic significance. 

Wireless or Wired Alarm System?

If you have the choice of wired or wireless, then hardwired is a little more reliable while wireless is an easier installation process. Some systems offer a combination. 

At Solent Fire and Security, our first priority is to help you choose the right system for your home. We will guide you through the options to make sure that your choice offers the best option for the safety of your family and possessions.

Far More than Fire Alarm Installation.

Fire and safety systems are an expense that you never know if you need. The benefits are difficult to quantify unless you are affected by fire or burglary and can directly calculate the loss of property. You will never know about the fire damage or criminal activity that was prevented by having an effective system in place.

Controlled from your phone or tablet, innovative fire and security systems can integrate with home automation systems to open your door for a parcel delivery from anywhere in the world, arm or disarm your intruder detection system at any time, open and close curtains, switch on the heating and even switch the kettle on so that you can have a cup of tea within minutes of arriving home.

Choosing the Right Fire Alarm Installers.

Over the years, we have built great relationships with our clients. That’s not essential for fire alarm installation and security services but it makes the world a nicer place if you do business with people you like.

We’re not just nice people to work with, we also work hard to exceed quality standards. We are accredited by the NSI who have been recognised as a hallmark of trust for 50 years.

A certificate of complaince will be issued which is your assurance that your system was installed to industry standards and provides documented evidence for your insurers. 

NSI accredited fire alalrm system installers and fire safety specialists.
For fire protection you can trust, choose fire security services form Solent Fire.
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Fire protection options to suit your needs.

Addressable Fire Systems.

With an addressable fire detection system, each detector has a unique address, with the description displayed at the panel allowing incidents to be pinpointed and acted upon quickly.

Smart Detection.

If own a large property, you will require multiple linked alarms in different zones to alert your whole household to a fire. Some systems available can contact the fire brigade at the first sign of fire, saving you valuable time.

Wireless Fire Detection Systems.

Wireless systems eliminate the need for unsightly cables and are quick and easy to install. They are particularly appropriate for period properties or listed buildings.

Designed by Experts.

Our team of highly-trained engineers can design and implement a tailored fire-detection and alarm solution, to meet the specific needs of your business and your budget.

Accredited Fire Alarm Installers.

When it comes to life safety, you need to know that you trust your installers. Anyone can install a fire alarm but unfortunately, not everyone does it well.

Free No Obligation Quotation.

There's no pressure when you speak to us about your fire alarm plans. We look after our customers and build relationships that last for years.

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Fire Alarm and Security Monitoring.

For ultimate peace of mind, consider our security and fire alarm monitoring services carried out at our partner monitoring station. We use an NSI accredited alarm receiving centre with all relevant industry accreditations allowing for insurance approved police and fire brigade response with a Security Industry Authority (SIA) accredited team, who will respond swiftly and appropriately if your fire or security systems are triggered. Contact us to find out more.

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