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Burglar alarms are one of the most convenient and affordable ways to protect your home and valuables from thieves and can offer you valuable peace of mind.

The thought of intruders in your home is distressing and can be of particular concern when you are away from home.

Burglar alarms can be installed with ease and they provide an effective visual deterrent to criminals. They are triggered when either an electrical circuit has been broken or motion is detected near your property. The loud siren or bell is an unmistakable signal that an individual has entered your property, stopping them in their tracks and allowing you to alert the police.


Intruder alarm can be integrated with smart home security systems

Far More than Burglar Alarms.

Security and safety systems are an expense that you never know if you need. The benefits are difficult to quantify unless you are affected by fire or burglary and can directly calculate the loss of property. You will never know about the fire damage or criminal activity that was prevented by having an effective system in place.

Nowadays, apps and smart home systems make it so easy to have a security system in place, it not only makes sense, it’s now an attractive gadget to own.

Controlled from your phone or tablet, innovative fire and security systems can integrate with smart home automation systems to open your door for a parcel delivery from anywhere in the world, arm or disarm your intruder detection system at any time, open and close curtains, switch on the heating and even switch the kettle on so that you can have a cup of tea within minutes of arriving home.

An intruder alarm can be integrated with a smart home system for this marvelous home.

Help to Choose the Right Burglar Alarm.

There are a lot of intruder alarms on the market from ‘bells-only’ to sophisticated, monitored systems. Our friendly security experts take great care to advise our customers on the very best products to suit their home.

Our end-to-end service starts with one of our professional security experts conducting a risk assessment of your home and surrounding areas. From there, they will recommend a solution to perfectly fulfil your needs. Our engineers are highly professional and will install your system efficiently and with minimum disturbance, while being sympathetic to the aesthetics of your home.

Solent Fire and Security is completely independent, so you can be confident in our reliable recommendations and fair prices. Our service doesn’t end with installation, we can provide ongoing support and maintenance to ensure your burglar alarm performs efficiently.

Will an Alarm Affect Your Insurance?

If you have high value possessions insured, your insurance company may require you to have an intruder detection system depending on the risk level of your property. They may also require that it is maintained regularly by an appropriatley accredited company.

The good news is that you may be able to lower your premiums when you apply or renew your policy. As an NSI approved installer, we provide the correct documentaion for your insurer.

Understanding Alarm Systems.

The array of choice can be overwhelming. A simple alarm may issue an audible warning and flash lights to deter an intruder. These warnings rely on alerting someone in the home or vicinity so if nobody attends, the burglar can continue with the task.

More sophisticated alarms can summon a police response. For complete peace of mind your security system can also include CCTV connected to an alarm monitoring service such as the one we offer. 

Most modern solutions offer integration with smart phones or some automation so that alerts can be received on an app. These services have varying degrees of flexibility and features but we will guide you through the options so you don’t need to worry about being overwhelmed.


Do the Police Respond in the Event of an Alarm?

If you choose a system with automatic police alert, the police will attend your property. This will not happen if you have not chosen this level of response unless you or another person calls them when an alarm is sounded.

If you wish the police to respond then you must choose the services of an approved installer or an approved receiving centre.

It's important to choose your home alarm installer wisely.

Choosing the Right Alarm System Installers.

We never forget that you have a choice. Over the years, we have built great relationships with our clients. That’s not essential for burglar alarm installation and security services but it makes the world a nicer place if you do business with people you like.

We’re not just nice people to work with, we also work hard to exceed quality standards. We are accredited by the NSI who have been recognised as a hallmark of trust for 50 years.

A certificate of compliance will be issued which is your assurance that your system was installed to industry standards and provides documented evidence for your insurers. 

NSI accredited fire alalrm system installers and fire safety specialists.

Why Choose Solent Fire and Security?

Solent Fire and Security have provided protection to many homes and businesses, earning a reputation for outstanding customer service. Our dedication to customer service has earned us a 9.98 rating on Checkatrade

Nobody works harder to continually strive to be the best. When you choose Solent Fire and Security, you can trust that we will listen to your concerns and needs so that we can recommend the best system.

Our procedure starts with a thorough risk assessment and detailed assessment so that we can design the systems and processes that you can rely on. Call us on 01329 221122 or complete the contact form.

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Wide Range of Security System Options.

Motion Sensors.

A PIR motion sensor measures infrared light and detects movement from tens of metres away, which triggers an alarm. There are also pet friendly motion sensors available that will ignore the movement of small creatures.

Out Buildings.

The range of your home alarm can be extended to prevent theft and intrusion outside of your home. This could include your outbuildings such as garages, sheds, annexes or summer houses.

Cabled or Wireless.

Burglar alarms can work with wireless technology, and many homeowners prefer the aesthetic. We can also offer cabled alarms if you favour their reliability.


We can integrate your CCTV with any existing security and access control systems to create a single control centre that is easier to manage.

Remote Keypads and App Control.

A remote keypad allows you to turn the alarm system on or off, test it or sound a warning, wherever you are in your home. Burglar alarms can also be controlled away from home via an app on a smart device.

A Security System for Everyone.

A ‘bells-only’ alarm system will alert you and those close by that there is an intruder on your property. If you have a larger property or are away from home regularly, you could opt for a monitored system.

Alarm systems monitoring service Fareham
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Monitoring from Solent Fire and Security.

If you have a large property with multiple entry points, you might consider our services to monitor your burglar and fire alarm systems at our Monitoring Station. The purpose-built facility is managed by a Security Industry Authority (SIA) accredited team, who will respond swiftly and appropriately if your systems are triggered. Contact us to find out more

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