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It is a legal requirement for all blocks of flats (including houses converted into two or more flats) to have a fire risk assessment of the communal areas of the building.

The responsibility to arrange the fire risk assessment in your building lies with the landlord. This could be the owner (freeholder), a Residents’ Management Company, Right to Manage Company or a managing agent.

An FRA has to be carried out by a fully competent person sometimes referred to as a ‘responsible person’. In terms of the law a competent person is to be regarded as someone with sufficient training, experience, and knowledge of fire safety. This is enforced by the Fire and Rescue Authority.

A Fire Risk Assessment is a legal document that may have to be presented to the local council, enforcement officer or to the courts.  They will be looking for proof of your competency to carry out the FRA, in the first place.  If you have downloaded something of the internet, and “self- certified” your own property, then this can carry serious penalties. If you cannot provide evidence that you have professional silks or qualifications necessary to carry out assessments that relate to endangering lives within your property this will mean, you will have no argument in court.

If you are selling a flat or a property that has been converted into a HMO (If you have 3-4 people that are NOT related to each other for example students and they share the same amenities i.e., a Kitchen then you are a house of multiple occupancy.) It is a requirement to have a fire risk assessment completed and documented for the sale to complete. An FRA in a block of flats or HMO is usually carried out in communal areas only in order to comply with the fire safety order (FSO).

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