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Solent Fire and Security. Expert CCTV Installers and Designers for Commercial Premises.

Theft or malicious damage can be a serious setback for businesses. To prevent incidents and deter criminals, installing a CCTV system is essential. Solent Fire and Security offer a wide range of adaptable systems to help protect your property, assets, employees and customers.

Our High Definition (HD) CCTV systems can be tailored to any size of premises and our team will begin by assessing the appropriate level of surveillance for your site. If you have already invested in CCTV, we can offer a cost-effective solution to upgrade your existing system, at your own pace. You may be pleasantly surprised by the latest developments in HD technology, which allows for fewer cameras than in the past, resulting in a valuable cost saving. Today’s systems also allow for a more proactive response to incidents, with the introduction of video analytics and appearance search.

CCTV is most commonly considered a criminal deterrent but advances in technology have extended its capability. It can offer smart solutions to other business requirements, such as monitoring staff compliance to processes and adherence to health and safety regulations.

Solent offers CCTV monitoring for police response or to meet insurance requirements, Contact us today to find out about our monitored solutions.

Whatever your priority is, investment in a new or existing CCTV system will help to protect what is most important to you and providing valuable peace of mind.

// Commercial Security

How CCTV can benefit you
and your business

Protect your premises, assets and employees

Reduce false liability claims

Monitor and evaluate safe work practices

Avoid theft, intrusion and malicious damage

Reduce or eliminate the need for manned security

Faster response times to incidents

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What is video analytics?

Video Analytics has revolutionised intrusion detection, allowing for greater accuracy and efficiency, and supporting a more proactive response. This sophisticated software uses algorithms to track objects and generate an alert when pre-defined variables are met, such as size, speed, direction of travel and even distance. The software then learns from your feedback to increase future accuracy.

The benefits are many fold, saving both time and money. The latest software can analyse a huge amount of data quickly and accurately, resulting in faster response times. You may even be able to streamline your manpower requirements as a video system can scan many places at once and cover far more than a person on foot.

Facial Recognition

With this advanced technology – initially designed for counter-terrorism initiatives – you can accurately pinpoint an individual, even in a crowd. Using previously captured information, the software uses sophisticated algorithms to locate a match. This can be especially useful in public spaces such as shopping centres, to identify persons of interest. When used in conjunction with an access control system, it can restrict access to certain individuals.

Number Plate recognition(ANPR)

This highly intelligent software allows you to undertake accurate investigations with the minimum of time and effort. It gives you the ability to locate an vehicle using characteristics such as colour or 1 letter of the number plate . Hours of footage can be filtered at speed, significantly saving on resource and eliminating the risk of human error.

Unusual Motion Detection

Unusual Motion Detection (UMD) exposes events that the human eye may miss. The software creates a study of activity in a given setting, and will alert you to any unusual motion which may require investigation. Not only does this offer peace of mind, but the increased level of automation provides the ability to analyse hours of footage in mere seconds, so it is a valuable time saver.

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